What is Commerce?

What is Commerce?

“Commerce is a fancy word that means buying and selling things. When we talk about commerce, we’re talking about the different ways people trade or exchange goods and services. For example, when you go to a store and buy a toy, that’s a form of commerce. You give the store money, and they give you the toy in return.

Commerce is not just about physical stores. It can also happen online, like when people buy things from websites. In commerce, people can also provide services, like fixing things or cutting hair, and get paid for it.

Commerce is important because it helps us get the things we need and want. It allows us to buy food, clothes, toys, and other items. It also helps people earn money by selling things or providing services.

In summary, commerce is about buying and selling goods and services, both in physical stores and online. It’s a way for people to get what they need and want, and for others to earn money by offering things for sale or providing helpful services.”
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